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Author archive

Author Archive

Planning for disaster

In times of disaster, we tend to call in force majeure on our projects, and therefore, keep our hands off. Stating no-one could foresee the possibility and impact of said force majeure, we cannot handle it within our project objectives of scope/time/cost. Both employer and contractor will take their responsibility and take a piece of the incurred damages. But can’t we plan for disaster? Are there established principles to do so?

by Niels Ligtvoet

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Two + Two types of Float

When using the Critical Path Method (CPM) in traditional project management software, Total Float (TF) and Free Float (FF) are calculated, which most project managers know and use. But there is more to it. We can gain deeper insight in which timeframe an activity can shift, and the effects on the related activities by calling in two more types of float. The Interfering Float (INTF) and the Independent Float (INDF). Let me tell you how to interpret them, help decision making, and support claim prevention/preparation by using these four characteristics.

by Niels Ligtvoet

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3 metrics, endless possibilities

I’m a true advocate for using (a basic implementation) of EVM on all your projects, or at least the philosophy. The use of Earned Value Management metrics gives a good insight in your current project status at a simple glance. By planning your project carefully and assigning budgets, in hours, euros, documents, resources, to your activities, a world of possibilities opens. Every project stakeholder can have their own personalized reports on their points of interest, with their own style of preference.

The level of project controls maturity has a great impact on the insight you can gain using the same, simple metrics provided by EVM. Let me take you through the different levels of reporting maturities, followed by some ideas on how to improve further than the classic methods.

by Niels Ligtvoet

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6 cost forecasting techniques in EVM (EAC/ETC)

Do you feel your budgeting process has failed from the start of your project? Have you learned that you overbudgeted or underbudgeted the activities in your performance measurement baseline (PMB)? Are you willing to take your Earned Value Analysis (EVA) to the next level? Then this is a blog post for you.

by Niels Ligtvoet

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