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Author archive

Author Archive

From Project Controls to Project Intelligence

How can Business Intelligence offer added value within Project Controls?

In the information age, knowledge is essential to remain competitive. Companies are making a shift towards attaining a data-driven culture. Interest in Business intelligence is on a steady rise and today more and more companies are even investing in more advanced set-ups like combinations of big data with artificial intelligence.

by Matthias van Campen

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Correctly interpreting Activity Duration in Primavera P6

Duration and Calendar Duration, Time and Units/Time explained, P6 basic.

Time is of the essence. Both in project control and in our personal lives. As we’ve been dealing with time since childhood, you would assume we have learned to communicate on it effectively and unambiguously. But when someone says: “this activity is going to take 48 hours” you might take that as 2 days while he might’ve meant it will take two persons 3 8-hour-working days to complete.

by Matthias van Campen

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Primavera P6 duration issues – Hours per time period explained

Primavera is a wonderful tool but sometimes it’s calculations give weird results. For instance when filling in durations of an activity, you might’ve encountered a problem similar to the ones below:

  • Your activity duration is showing as 5 days but it starts on the 1st and already ends the 4th
  • Your units/time is showing 8h/d but Primavera is actually calculating with 12h/d

What is going on? Well it’s probably something to do with your hours per Time period settings.

by Matthias van Campen

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