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Author archive

Author Archive

Integral planning and risk management processes

Integrated project management is becoming increasingly important for project organisations in the Netherlands. At the Primaned Academy, we see that Planning and Risk processes in particular are increasingly carried out by a single person. Our risk specialisation trains a planner to carry out a qualitative risk analysis in order to prioritise and possibly quantify risks on the basis of a probabilistic planning.

by Jelmer Wagenaar

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Time forecasting techniques with Earned Schedule

You are halfway through your project and you want to know if you are still going to achieve your project objectives. By using an Earned Value Management System, you know how to estimate your total expected costs (Estimate at Completion), but what about your deadline? Based on your current information, can you say something about the expected finish date of your project? This blog gives you an overview of how to use Earned Schedule to predict your project finish date.

by Jelmer Wagenaar

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Earned Schedule – The Appropriate upgrade of your EVMS

Now we’ve learned the basics of Earned Value Management calculations (see this blog), it’s time to introduce a new metric to define our project’s health. As you’ve noticed all previous metrics and parameters were either percental (CPI, SPI, TCPI) or monetary/unitary (CV, SV). But what does a schedule variance of € 10.000 tell us? First, a delay expressed in monetary units is somewhat strange. Second, we will show later in this blog post that this metric is subject to a major fallacy. It is to be replaced with a more comprehensive one. Time for change.

by Jelmer Wagenaar

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