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Author archive

Author Archive

Scheduling progressed activities

In this blog post, we’re going to dig deeper into a question you will face when preparing or reviewing a schedule update. How do you address “out-of-sequence” progress in Primavera P6?
The user has 3 interesting choices in the schedule options on how the software deals with progressed activities that are out of sequence. This blog post will address 3 options, which will help you better represent reality in your progress updates.

by Matthijs Warnez

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Project Calendars over Global Calendars

Primavera P6 is designed as an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) tool. Even though often used as a standalone tool, Primavera P6 is a database initially designed for the enterprise’s needs where data can be shared between projects. In order to achieve this Primavera P6 uses the concept of “Global” data objects and “Project” (or embedded) data objects.

In this blog I will show you why using a project calendar over a global calendar for your project activities schedule is beneficial to maintain control over your project(s).

by Matthijs Warnez

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