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Author archive

Author Archive

Change Control: 4 Levels of Change

Gert Truyens explains what the different levels of change are, what they mean and how you can deal with them.

Managing change will always be a challenge in projects. Its importance cannot be overestimated in order to successfully deliver projects. Messing up will have huge implications in a claim-oriented environment. Still we see many project teams struggling with organizing and following a proper change management process.

by Gert Truyens

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Primavera P6 and the Longest Path

There is more to showing THE Critical Path in Primavera than your project manager can imagine. Primavera allows you to change certain settings to define the criticality of activities: you can define a threshold value for total float, or choose for the longest path instead of a total float-based critical path.

by Gert Truyens

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Help! My baseline bars are in the wrong place!

When I started working with Primavera P6, I had a colleague who showed me how you can use ‘global change’ to make sure that your baseline bars are showing the right information. It was fairly simple: you just amended the planned dates to the dates you want in the baseline, and it’s done. Hu? Primavera is not capable of managing baselines? Of course, something else is going on. Like so often, Primavera turns out to be so powerful and versatile that one really needs to understand what’s under the hood to properly operate the system.

by Gert Truyens

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Schedule Quality: Technical Requirements

As consultants, we frequently come across schedules of substandard quality. You’ve probably seen our top-picks of mistakes as well: overuse of SF-relationships, too many constraints or even the absence of links between the activities. We receive requests to perform a schedule quality analysis more often these days, so it seems that the market starts understanding the importance of quality standards.

by Gert Truyens

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