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PMWeb Functional admin

As a functional application manager, you are the link between the user side and the technical side. In this course, you will be introduced step-by-step to the extensive modules of the Portfolio Management application PMWeb.


2 days


€ 990.00 excl. VAT

  • Capelle a/d IJssel
  • Dublin
  • Frankfurt
Learning method
  • Classroom
  • Remote
  • InCompany

PMWeb is a web-based Capital Project Management Software solution for managing the complete life cycle of a project/asset in the portfolio. PMWeb is a modular solution, which consists of modules including Portfolio Planning, Cost Management, Asset Management, Visual Workflow, Scheduling, Document Manager and many other features.
The modules, fields, lists, forms, codes, currencies, forms and reports used can be adapted to the client’s needs. As such, in addition to user management, the functional administration of the tool requires knowledge of how these configured fields can be managed effectively.

During this training course, you learn to understand the structure and configuration of the tool, and subsequently to manage these effectively. The length of the training programme is dependent on the subjects to be covered.

Would you prefer a tailor-made functional admin course? Then please contact us.

This training can be followed remote and in a classroom. Please indicate your preferences on the registration form. Read about the plan of remote training.

Software version

PMWeb version 6.0.03 is used in this course. This training module is also suitable for newer releases and older versions. The manual is written for the English-language version.

Preliminary training

It is recommended that functional administrators first complete the end-user training module, so that they also understand the user side of PMWeb.


After completing this module you will receive a Primaned Academy certificate.


€ 990.00 excl. VAT / including material, lunch & drinks

Teachers of this course

  • Stefan Hollak PhD

  • Marijn van Essen MSc

  • Martijn de Witte

The following topics are covered in this training:

  • Cost codes
    • Explanation of project cost codes and cost code levels
    • Importing & exporting cost codes.
    • Working with the structure in cost worksheets.
  • Portfolio Settings
    • Making general settings at programme and project level.
    • Setting notifications, checklists, clauses, audit trail, etc. to record type.
    • Define page layouts and module layouts.
  • User Management
    • View user privileges.
    • Create User Groups and Users.
    • Configure User Access and other Permissions.
  • Custom Forms & PMWeb Word Documents
    • Dealing with the Form Builder; designer and permissions.
    • Create PMWeb Word Documents.
  • PMWeb Reports
  • Creating and printing a report.
    • Use calculations, groupings and filters.
  • Document Manager
    • Configuring the Manager.
    • Set access, attributes, version numbering, etc.
  • Integration Manager
    • Preparing templates and fields for import & export.
    • Perform import & export.
    • Deal with Exported Files and Rejection log.
  • Lists
    • Setting up lists in Lists Manager.
    • Creating Periods, User Defined Fields & Specifications.
  • Workflows
    • Setting up, starting and approving workflows.
    • Setting up the Inbox.
    • Setting up message templates.
  • Stage gates
    • Setting up stage gates with activities.
    • Working with internship guests: from generating on projects to approving.
  • Currencies
    • Currency List setup and conversion rates.
  • Admin Page
    • Dealing with login screen, general settings and the Language Manager.
Start date Learning method Language Location
06-07-2022 Classroom English Dublin Register
06-07-2022 Classroom German Frankfurt Register
30-08-2022 Remote English Register
01-12-2022 Classroom English Dublin Register
01-12-2022 Classroom German Frankfurt Register