Training data 2020 available

Claudia Dielemanby Claudia Dieleman| In Blog - EN|

In 2020, we will start the Project Controls course again.  In addition to a good foundation and learning a planning tool (Tooling), this course consists of four specialisations: Cost, Risk, Information and Claim. In 2019, several enthusiastic participants from different companies started the course.

For 2020, we want to grow and improve as much as we did last year.  In the new year, you can start our training again on 3 February 2020, in order to be able to complete the entire training within 3 months. Of course it is also possible to follow the specializations more spread over the whole year.

Our specialisations and other modules can also be followed separately. Click here for all our training dates. Do you have any questions about our training courses or do you have doubts about which courses are best for you? You can always contact us.